Old Woman’s Shoe At Kamala Nehru Park

Old Woman’s Shoe At Kamala Nehru Park is also known as Shoe House/ Boot House/ Joota Ghar. Located at one of the posh area in Mumbai at Malabar Hill. The name of that unusual giant shoe structure is taken from a famous nursery rhyme, “There was an old woman”. The park itself is not very […]

Lotus aka Nelumbo Seedlings In A Container

Recently, I have been hit by the gardening bug. The first plant I wanted to add to my ever growing list of plants was Lotus aka Nelumbo. I remembered that we get the lotus seeds in Pooja articles shop(Prayer articles) and also in Ayurvedic Bhandars here in Mumbai, India. So I got some seeds and […]

Giant Mandala Doily Project

I completed my giant mandala doily today. It is 5 feet(140 centimeters/ 55 inches) in diameter. Let me give you an idea… Approx 4000 meters/ 2 kilograms of super bulky yarn used up. Yay to stash busting! Pattern is already released. The decorative edging makes it look almost like a Yantra pattern or a flower. A little […]