Refunds & Cancellations

In General:

All the refunds and cancellations is at our sole discretion. If we find that the claim is genuine, proper and meets our below guidelines, then refund or exchange can be possible. Please understand that currently we accept payment only through Paypal.

Paypal withdraws its balance on the same day to our banks. Hence, it may take a few days to initiate a refund. We suggest that you either go for an exchange for the same amount of purchase or request a store credit.

In any case, you have to return us the purchased merchandise in the original condition before we issue any refund or credit. All the return shipping and handling cost will be borne by the buyer. Please provide us with the tracking number without which we cannot offer any refunds.

Once we receive the merchandise sent by you, we would proceed towards issuing you the refund/exchange or store credit as mutually agreed. Please send us an email at along with your full name, address, order/transaction id, date of purchase and detailed reason of return.


We do not offer refunds for any items bought from our shop based on pictures, title or description, etc. Please understand that you’re buying goods online so some minor differences may occur. We try our best to provide best pictures, proper title, color description, design description so you can get a clear picture of the real item.

We try to take the best digital pictures*, but monitor settings on different computers can vary so we can’t guarantee that the item you get will look the same as seen on your computer. Please note, that by buying our items, you’re agreeing to our terms and conditions.

Merchandise lost in transit or held by customs are things beyond our control and are not eligible case of refund. If required, we will be happy to show you the receipt of shipping to ensure that the item was really sent to you. Please note that it is your responsibilty and liability to pay for any custom duty, octroi or other charges.

Digitial items like patterns, ebooks, etc cannot be refunded for the very nature of that item.

* In spite of taking best digital photographs, there are certain colors like red, green, blue (RGB) which have a tendency to show different shade when clicked through a digital camera. For instance, shades of red like carmine, chestnut, dark red and rosewood look similar.

In the same manner, it is very difficult to distingush shades of blue like azure, dodger blue, true blue and brandeis blue. However, as mentioned above, to avoid the misunderstanding, we also mention the exact color with the product description as far as possible.


Please note, if for any reason, you decide to cancel your order, please email us at immediately or within 3 hours from the time you made the purchase. We try to ship your package on the same day.  Hence, it may be possible that we have already dispatched your package.

Made to Order, Swatches, Samples Ribbons, Trims and Fabrics that are once cut will not be replaced, exchanged or cancelled under any circumstances as it become useless to us and cannot be sold again. We also reserve the right at our sole discretion to refuse to deliver to certain countries for one or several reasons.

Sale or Discounted Products:

Items bought under sale, clearance, promotions, discounted cannot be exchanged, returned or cancelled.

Customs Handling Issues:

All fragile and delicate products like paper crafts, shells, earrings, beads, etc that you order from us are aesthetically wrapped either in a box or neatly bubble wrapped with multiple layers around the package. In spite of our utmost care of handling, it may be possible that during customs examination, the product is mishandled.

If that is the case, you can email us immediately about it. We suggest that you send us a good clear picture of the damaged product/s and we would see what the best we can offer you from our end.