Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In this section, you will find Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ about our business. We periodically add questions which typically get from our customers. If you have any specific question which is not covered here, then you may click the button at the bottom of this page to send us your query.

What are your payment methods?
Currently, we accept payments only through Paypal which accepts all major national, international credit cards & e-checks.

Do you have a physical retail store?
Right now, we sell our merchandise through this website and other various online marketplaces.

What is your privacy policy?
We do not sell or share your personal details with anybody. You information is extremely important to us and is always safe with us. For a detailed information, please visit our privacy policy page.

Do you undertake custom order?
Yes, we would be glad to make custom item/s for you. At present, we take custom orders for block print on fabric of your choice and design. The time to complete the order will be decided with you before placing the order. Please note that there will be no refunds/ exchanges done on items which are custom ordered for the very nature of the order. There is a set minimum quantity for all custom orders.

Why are your prices expensive/ cheap?
It is a relative term and just a matter of perspective. Some customers say that they find our products great and very marginally priced as compared to other online stores. At the same time, some of our customers point out that our products are expensive. Although, we deal in bulk/ wholesale order, yet we can categorize ourselves as a retail merchant.

We outsource only unique, hand picked and defect-free fabrics from reputed merchants. Each and every package is packed with extra precautions and aesthetically presented to you. Most of the time, you get email response within 3 hours. Our after sales support is excellent and you will be delighted with our overall service. At the end of the day, you will be convinced that whatever our price is it is worth it and dripped with value!

Do you offer FREE samples of fabrics?
No longer!. But you can always order minimum quantity.

How can I change or cancel my order?
If the item is not shipped, you can cancel it. If it is already shipped, then we cannot do anything about it. Please also refer our “Refunds & Cancellations Policies”

Are there any discounts for bulk/ wholesale order?
Our prices are already very competitive. But, yes we offer discounts to our customer who order in bulk quantities. Please contact us on mamta.motiyani@gmail.com for your specific requirements.

Do you ship internationally?

We ship anywhere on this planet Earth! For more information.

How do I buy from your store?

The layout of our e-commerce store is pretty simple and easy to navigate. First, you select the product that you wish to buy by clicking the ‘Add to Cart’ button/tab. After you choose one or multiple products in this fashion, you can click ‘View Cart’ above the product description on any page. It will take you to the cart section where you can increase/decrease the quantity or remove any item that you plan to buy later. Finally, you click to ‘Proceed to checkout’ button on the right hand side of the cart page. In the next page, you have to fill out your information like name, address and email id. You can also leave a custom purchase note if you have any special request.

After filling this short form, you have to put check mark on our terms and conditions before you proceed to pay with Paypal. You will be then taken to the Paypal official page where you have to login with your Paypal user name and password on their secured site. After you authorize the transaction, you are done. You will get an instant notification from our website about the order that you just placed with us. You will be then notified about your package tracking information within 24 hours provided it is not a weekend or holiday in between.

If you want to buy digital product like crochet patterns, all you have to do is just to provide your name and email address. The pattern will be instantly available for download after your payment is processed.

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