Vanilla Creeper – My Potting Mix For My Vanilla Planifolia

I finally collected and bought all the things I need to grow an Orchid. This is the 1st time I am raising an orchid and not just any orchid, a Vanilla creeper(Yup!! the one which is used for flavoring ice-creams and what not).

I really had no idea it was an orchid till I got it. I am a little too excited and there is also this tiny fear that goes along with it with me thinking whether I can grow it or not.

When I was researching about it online, I found out that this plant doesn’t like ordinary soil. It needs bark of a tree, charcoal, coconut chips, coco peat, perlite, moss to grow. I used each of these things in equal parts

I know a place in my Bhayandar park which has a Pipal tree( Ficus religiosa). I knew there was some bark crusting off on that tree the last time I saw it. Yup! I remember tiny details like these. People who must be watching me doing that must have thought that it was for some witchcraft, lol. A lady even asked me what I was collecting it for. I told her why but I guessed from her look that she didn’t understand me, lol.

Then came the charcoal part. I got the charcoal from a Pooja(Prayer) shop. Then got a few dried coconuts to use its husk for this plant. Normally, we buy coconuts for cooking. But in my case, stuff like these are fairly common. :/

I already had bought the cocopeat and perlite. So that came in handy. Next came the moss. Thanks to the rain Gods, we have plenty of moss growing everywhere. I still have to collect it and use it just as a topping for my plant. My plant is now nicely growing in its own planter. Just need the moss and a moss stick so my Vanilla vine can climb on it. So happy with m efforts. Now waiting till it starts growing. Yippee!!!

Pictures coming up later. :)