T-shirt Yarn Tutorial – A Spring Cleaning DIY Kids Project

T-shirt yarn can be made in so many ways. Today, I am going to show you how to make t-shirt yarn or tarn the easiest way possible. It is one of the best DIY projects with simple to follow instructions.

You can recycle old t shirts and make crochet or knitting yarn from it. Making this yarn is so much fun. Anyone who knows how to cut fabric can make it.

T-shirt Yarn
T-shirt Yarn

During the summer holidays most of the children get easily bored. They want to be engaged in some type of play or activity. This t-shirt yarn project is the best way to keep them entertained for hours. The best thing of all is they will help you to spring clean your home!

They will help you to do this by recycling t shirts which are old or unwanted. It can be then converted into something new and useful like this cool tee shirt yarn.

This yarn can be used for making so many awesome things. It can be used for crocheting, knitting or scrapbooking. It can also be left as it is and used like a necklace. Just tie both the open ends of the finished t-shirt yarn together and you have a fabulous fashion accessory.

I made this yarn for my pattern Shaggy Spring Bangle. All my crochet pattern testers who made this yarn said that it is a super easy project. Best of all, their kids love it. My friend Cherie, helped me by taking the pictures for this t-shirt yarn tutorial.

T-shirt Yarn Tutorial

Materials Needed:

An old or new T-shirt (colorful kids T-shirts works best)

Rotary Cutter or Scissors

Cutting Mat – Optional

Acrylic Ruler – Optional

Tailor’s Chalk to mark the lines for cutting yarn – Optional

Seam Ripper – Optional


Yarn Size:

Width: 0.25″ or 1/4th inch or quarter inch

Length: As per required

Please note: It is alright if some strips are slightly thinner or thicker than the rest. It doesn’t have to be perfectly 1/4th inch wide.

Step 1:

Place the T-shirt on the cutting mat. Place the acrylic ruler on top of the T-shirt towards the right side.

Cut the T-shirt portion on the right side of the acrylic ruler with the rotary cutter. Repeat the same process for the left side of the T-shirt.

how to make tshirt yarn
How To Make Tshirt Yarn

Step 2:

Turn the T-shirt with neckline facing towards the right. Place the acrylic ruler on top of the T-shirt so you can cut its right side. Use the rotary cutter to cut the visible portion of the T-shirt on the right side of the acrylic ruler.

Repeat the same process to cut along the bottom seam portion of the T-shirt. Discard this portion or you may use it as well. Opening the seams using a seam ripper. Then cut thin strips out of it.

recycle old t shirts
Recycle Old T Shirts

Turn the T-shirt facing upwards again. Place the acrylic ruler on top of the T-shirt so you can cut its right side in thin quarter inch size strip.

Keep moving the acrylic ruler towards the left while cutting one strip at a time. Keep repeating this till the entire piece of this fabric is cut out.

Step 3:

Cut strips out of the top neckline portion that we cut in Step 2. Separate the sides and sleeves by cutting right where they join. Now you will have 4 pieces more to make yarn.

Cut strips out of the pieces we cut from the left and right side of the T-shirt. Place the sleeves on the mat.

tee shirt yarn
Tee Shirt Yarn

Step 4:

Cut the seams, the top areas with the sleeve shaping and the sides of the sleeves. You will have 2 rectangular pieces. Cut strips out of the rectangular pieces.

Tie the open ends of each two strips together with an overhand knot. Leave an inch of yarn after the knot to make it look shabby. Continue joining end till you have the yarn in continuous length.

The knots will not be in regular intervals. But that is what adds character to this yarn. Even the printed portion of T-shirts can be used to make this T-shirt yarn. It definitely adds an added interest to this unique yarn.

Almost all the parts of the T-shirt can be used up. In the end you will be left with very little scraps of fabric that you can further recycle or trash it.

recycled tshirt yarn
Recycled Tshirt Yarn

Tada!!!! Your T-shirt yarn is now ready to be used. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. This yarn can be made with any fabric scraps and not just T-shirts.

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