Story Sundays An Inspiration Behind My Crochet Designs

Mamta Motiyani
Mamta Motiyani

What are Story Sundays?

Have you ever wondered what the artists’ thoughts, inspiration were when he/ she made a particular design? When I see something made by an artist, I always wonder this. The fact is, we will never ever find what inspired some of the oldest art that we see in museums or made around us by the street artists that we see. All we can do, is guess or try to analyse and come up with an answer based on our experiences.

This idea made me think, that maybe someday someone will think the 5 W’s behind the making of my crochet designs. For example, what inspired me to make a specific thing, what was I thinking then,  why did I make it, who did I make it for or who was I making it for, who inspired me, when did the idea occur, where was I when the idea struck & a million of other questions.

So, I came up with this idea to let you all know the answers behind the scene of my designs. I thought why not share my story and take you on an adventure with me. Now, I may not remember all the answers sometimes. But I do remember the general idea behind each of my crochet patterns. I will take one random crochet design at a time and answer these questions on each Sunday which I call Story Sundays. So stay tuned!

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