Old Woman’s Shoe At Kamala Nehru Park

Old Woman’s Shoe At Kamala Nehru Park is also known as Shoe House/ Boot House/ Joota Ghar. Located at one of the posh area in Mumbai at Malabar Hill. The name of that unusual giant shoe structure is taken from a famous nursery rhyme, “There was an old woman”.

Old Woman's Shoe At Kamala Nehru Park
Old Woman’s Shoe At Kamala Nehru Park

The park itself is not very large but a must visit for all the citizens of this city and especially tourists. I myself visited this park after 2 decades! In my childhood, it was one of our favorite picnic spots of my school. If you have been born and lived in Mumbai, then you must have definitely visited it once.

Old Woman's Shoe
Old Woman’s Shoe

Unfortunately, when I visited this park on 16th February 2017, I noticed that it was not maintained and was in a pathetic condition. The shoe gate from where the children went to the top was closed. There were debris inside and was in a poor condition.

I was accompanied by my hubby Raju and my 4 years daughter, Shaman. There is an excellent view of Chowpatty beach and Marine Drive from the top of the park.

There are no entry fees of the park and is open for all. You can reach to the park from Charni Road railway station from the west side. The park is open to the public between 5 am to 8 pm.

Kamala Nehru Park Timings
Kamala Nehru Park Timings

Take a BEST bus or a cab. Beware of the cab drivers! You have to go to the opposite side of the road to get the taxi. If you take directly from the station, they will take for a ride – literally! They will take you towards Marine Lines and then they will go U turn! There are several BEST services towards that place from the railway station and other places. The travel time is approximately 20 minutes from railway station to the park on any day.

Joota Ghar Location

While you are at Kamala Nehru Park, you should also visit Hanging Gardens. It is situated just a minute away from Kamala Nehru Park. People often gets confused Kamala Nehru Park with Hanging Gardens. Both are different parks located very close to each other.

I would also suggest you to take your own homemade healthy snacks with disposable plates. The food stalls outside the parks are not hygienic and even expensive, too.

If you like flowers as I do, then there are quite a few good colorful flowers in the park. It is not supposed to be plucked but you can take good pictures of it.

Kamala Nehru Park Garden

You can take the mobile camera with you. There is no ticket or any charges for taking pictures or video shooting. If you are a serious amateur photographer, then I would suggest you to visit during the morning or early afternoon for best natural light. Professional video cameras and recorders are officially not allowed or they may have some charges.

There is not much sightseeing or entertainment inside the park except the panoramic view and the Shoe House. You would not like to spend more than half an hour in this park.

After you visit Kamala Nehru Park, you must also go to Hanging Gardens which is close to it. It is a must visit park because of its sheer beauty, ample space, beautiful flowers and well maintained park.

Malabar Hill View
Malabar Hill View

Shoe Park Malabar Hill

Overall, if you have kids and they have been to all the sightseeing places, then you should not miss this place. It is a memorabilia of the old times and a must visit tourist spots in Mumbai.

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