Bhayander East Chowpatty | Jesal Park Beach

Bhayander East Chowpatty is a must visit place for all residents of Mira Bhayandar. It is located at Jesal Park in Bhayandar East.

Jesal Park is one of the most posh, planned & premium localities. This state of art location reflects the personality & taste of affluent section of the society.

Bhayander East Chowpatty

Jesal Park chowpatty or khadi is a 10 minutes walk from the railway station. You can also take a rickshaw from Bhayandar East. The fare is Rs.20/-. During the departure, you can avail sharing rickshaw for Rs.8/- per seat. It is a favorite spot for people after a tiring day. The cool breeze of the sea and open air makes you feel refreshed. You can even see the famous Jivdani temple in the distance in a miniature form from the chowpatty!

Residents from all over Mira-Bhayandar area come here mostly on weekends. People who live far off visit only during Ganpati Visarjan or some other big festivals like Durga Puja, etc.

Recently, the seagulls at the Jesal Park beach has become a prime attraction for the visitors and especially children.

Seagulls At Bhayandar East Chowpatty

A short walk from the main entrance of the chowpatty, you will find a small pigeon house (kabutar khana). In the early morning and evening, you will see hundreds of these birds. Some feed them out of love and other give them food for gaining some good karmas. Either ways, you and your children will like to spend your some of your time here.

Bhayandar East Chowpatty

There are also horse rides for children on Sunday evenings which is a 150 meters ride for Rs.30/-.

Horse Riding Bhayander East Chowpatty

Other than that, there are some remote toy cars and bikes for toddlers. The price is Rs.20/- for 50 meters ride.

Bhayandar East Jesal Park Toy Car

There is a good park for children which has many swings, slides, rocking ducks, etc. Not many people know that is called, ‘Chacha Nehru Bal Udyan Park’. Mostly local residents come with their young children after school hours in the evening.

It is often seen that sometimes parents, grown-ups or teenagers comes and do the swings. The swings are not meant to carry that much weight and eventually breaks. Although, a security guards comes to open  and close the park at the stipulated hours yet they are not present inside the park. It is the responsibility and concern for the grown-ups to understand that the rides in the park are for children only. We have enjoyed our childhood and now it is the time of our young ones to enjoy it. Let us not deprive them of their small pleasures. There are many other places to take selfies and amusement parks for adults where we can enjoy ourselves.

Chacha Nehru Bal Udhyan Park
Chacha Nehru Bal Udhyan Park

There is also a joggers park, rose garden, a big football ground, volleyball ground, cricket ground, etc. The football ground has a podium which is basically used by dance groups who practice different kinds of dances and also for different festivities and functions like Dussera, Janmastami. During the festivals, functions and weekends, the chowpatty gets overly crowded.

Shaman Motiyani
My daughter, Shaman at Flower Garden/ Joggers Park!

If you are on a picnic with your family for a few hours and looking for good food, then you will be disappointed. There are some roadside hawkers who sell the usual street food like ‘bhel puris’, ‘golas’, etc but if you are health conscious, then it is not recommended. Better bring your own home made snacks or at least buy some packet food from a store. It is always a pleasure to watch sunrise or sunset at Bhayander chowpatty.

Although, there is a drinking water facility available right near the senior citizen hall, yet it is suggested that you bring your own water or buy packaged bottles from the nearby stores. There are restrooms/ bathrooms for both men and women who charge Rs.2/- for the usage. Men’s toilet is mostly in poor hygienic condition but it is better than nothing.

Sunrise At Bhayandar East Khadi

Another feature of the chowpatty beach is its gymnasium ground. It has basic gym equipment for the general public who are interested in workouts.

A police chowky is also present in the chowpatty to maintain law and order. Drinking water and washroom facilities are available in the chowpatty.

In the day time, you see many couples and college students around that area taking selfies & having a good and private time together. In the morning time, you will mostly see people who are health conscious either doing yoga, jogging, fast walking or simply taking a morning walk.

Senior citizens have a separate open room where they come and can have a rest for a while on the benches inside it. There is a newsstand which contains daily newspapers.

There is an ample space for sitting like benches and space outside the Jogger’s Park railing. Many also sit on the ground with their family with equal joy.

An upcoming water sports project at chowpatty is in the pipeline. Recently, the road construction project directly from chowpatty, Jesal Park to Ghodbunder Road got approved. The boat/ferry/ jetty services at the beach was in operation until recently. They charged a nominal ticket of Rs.50 for a half an hour ride.

The only pathetic thing is that people still throw/ dump/immerse their old household things or worship materials (pooja samagri) in the sea. Although, more and more people are becoming aware of this kind of pollution, yet complete change in the overall awareness still seems a distant goal.

Jesal Park Chowpatty Dump
Dump At Chowpatty

A word of warning and caution. Do not go too close to this sea as it is notorious for many unpleasant events in the past. Do not even think about taking a swim in those waters. There are no lifeguards around who are present only during major festivals.

Bhayandar East Seaside View
Bird’s View Of Chowpatty From Sea

Overall, if you come with your friends, family, girlfriend/boyfriend or are even a loner, then still this is one of the cool place to chill out. It is better than nothing and all Jesal Park residents are grateful for this chowpatty whether they might say it aloud or not.

The chowpatty itself is well maintained and mostly clean except for the dump that is found here and there. There is no sand per se as you expect when you hear the word, ‘chowpatty’ or ‘khadi’. as it is all concrete. However, Bhayander East Chowpatty is still a place to visit better than nothing.

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