Lotus aka Nelumbo Seedlings In A Container

Lotus Seedlings

Recently, I have been hit by the gardening bug. The first plant I wanted to add to my ever growing list of plants was Lotus aka Nelumbo. I remembered that we get the lotus seeds in Pooja articles shop(Prayer articles) and also in Ayurvedic Bhandars here in Mumbai, India. So I got some seeds and grew these baby lotus seedlings.

Lotus Plant Seedlings

4 out of the 10 seeds I prepared for germinating by scouring it with a nail file survived and made it through babyhood. I am so excited to show you my Lotus/ Nelumbo tiny plants. In case, you are wondering what the other 2 plants inside my container are… the tiny leaves water plant is called “Duck Weed”. The other one in this next picture is called “Swamp Cabbage”.

Baby Lotus Plant

I don’t know which color of lotus is going to bloom out of these tiny beauties. But who cares right? I just know that I am utterly thrilled to grow them – Lotus being one of my most favorite flower! I am guessing pink as these are so commonly found in this part of the world. It will take atleast 1-2 years for these to bloom because the lotus flower only blooms once it has tubers and it should take that much time to grow tubers. Grow well my babies… you have all my blessings… :D

2 thoughts on “Lotus aka Nelumbo Seedlings In A Container

  1. shashikiran

    Good things happens and brings more happiness

    1. Mamta

      That is so true. Lotus is the symbol of prosperity and happiness. I have always loved it since I 1st saw it.

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