How To Grow Dragon Fruit From Seed

Dragon Fruit Seedlings

The dragonfruit seeds are so tiny. You will never know if the wind blew it away if you have put it in soil for germination. So I used another way to germinate them. I used a small plastic container and gave it a greenhouse effect. It takes very little time to germinate the seeds this way.

First, soak the seeds overnight in a lukewarm water. Next day, layer 2-3 layers of tissue paper in the plastic box. Sprinkle the wet seeds over the tissue paper. Sprinkle water over the tissue paper and the seeds. Make sure that you take out all extra water remaining in the box. Then close the lid and keep it in a warm non-sunny area of your home. I kept it in my kitchen.

Everyday, open the box and check to see if  the moisture level is ok. It shouldn’t be dry. If it is dry, sprinkle water again. If it is wet, take out the remaining water.

Also check for any fungal growth. If it is, take off that area of tissue paper along with the seeds. Otherwise they will spoil the other seeds too.

The seedlings should emerge in 2-3 days or more depending upon the place you live. Once the seedlings grows to about the size of the box itself & has at least 2 leaves on it, transplant it. Move the seedlings along with the tissue paper & plant it into a container or in your garden.

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