How I Love To Make Kumihimo Cords

Today, I will share my story of how I love to make kumihimo cords.

I love creating a fairy tale behind my pieces. I saw a video of Kumihimo cord a little over a month ago. A recent buy of a lot of embroidery threads and my love of fiber arts nudged and pushed me to learn this craft. Since then, I have been hooked. :P

I make these lovely braids on a kumihimo disk with 7 strands of thread. There occurs slight irregularities in the braid due to its handmade nature. Its width varies from 3mm to 5mm or as per my customers requirements.

When I make cords, I want them to be unique and have their own individual personality. So, I try coming up with different colorways. I search the internet for hours on end just looking for that 1 perfect color combination. Then, I cut the threads and keep it aside till I have enough combinations to last me for a month.

The color combinations you see in each cord are not randomly picked. I carefully pick up the color sequence that would go in a cord. However, once I make it, if it doesn’t makes my heart sing, I will open almost a half of that cord. Then I will start playing with colors again till I get that perfect color combination which soothes my eyes.

Each unmade cord calls me to make it. My eyes chooses the best one that calls my soul at that time. I usually make only 1 cord a day, sometimes a half of it. Each 1 yard cord takes me about a total of 3-4 hours from start to end.

The end result is many a times not what I visualized but even better than my imagined cord. The color combinations have a naughty habit of choosing its own route. These cords have the mind of their own. They talk to me and even suggest their names to me. I know that may sound little strange but that is how it works for me.

Once I am done making the cord, I choose its name based on how it looks in the end.

Most of these cords are non-allergenic as it is made of pure cotton so it can be used by anyone. Currently, I have 28 plus yummy colors available in this pre-braided cords. More colorways are added every now and then.

These exotic kumi himos cords can be used for a variety of purposes: handmade jewelry bracelet, necklace or pendant making, key chains, beading, macrame, book binding, for DIY shopping bags, grocery bags, drawstring bags, gift bags, etc. You can also use it for crocheting, knitting, weaving, etc.