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Today, I am going to share some of my home organization tips. This blog is a part of my Spring Cleaning Blog Series. My previous two blogs touched on the planning part of spring cleaning.

These home organization ideas will help you make an important decision regarding your home space, craft supplies and things unused for a long time.


Home Organization
Home Organization


If you don’t use it, lose it. :

There are some things in our home that we have never or rarely used. I and my husband make a list of such things every six months. We let those things go.

Buy only what you need:

Many companies lure you into buying with special offers. You think that you just cannot let it pass. Some artists have a tendency to be hoarders. I would ask you to only buy what you need. Learn to walk away no matter how attractive the offer is,

Leftover Supplies:

When you have extra supplies, sell, gift or donate it. Immediately discard the things that you cannot use in any manner. You will do either of these two things if you hold onto it. You might use it in future or never use it.

You may use what you already have in a creative way or recycle it. You will notice that you don’t need to buy anything new. A similar supply may already be in your stash.

Pinterest is the best for DIY ideas. I have an entire board of ideas for home organization.

Changed Priorities:

Decide if you will be using your stashed supply for crafting. Ask yourself if you really have the time to use it. If your priorities and choices have changed, let it go.

Every time, I spring clean, I find some things that I do not relate to anymore. I sometimes think why I had it in the first place.

I have not used my flower making supplies for more than two years. I have given it a time limit. If I don’t use it by then, I will be selling off those supplies.

Energy Clearing:

In the movie, “Up”, Carl throws some of his things out of his travelling home. Only then, the balloons could handle the weight of the home. All things in life must be in continuous flow. It should be like a water spring or sand. Otherwise, these things will be the source of stagnant energy.

When we hold onto things, we also hold onto the energy related to those things. Cleanse the old stagnant energy out of all your things. A clutter free home attracts good health, wealth and happiness.

Space Occupancy:

Consider this: You live in a property that rents for thousands of dollars. You are paying rent for the space occupied by the unnecessary stuff that holds physical space in your home. Home organization can help to use this physical space in the best way. It will also help you create some much needed empty space.


Organized Home:

We parted with some things. We decided to keep some things. Now decide a place for all the things in your home and keep it that way. Get some storage products to keep things in place.

Make or buy some home décor items to display. Paint the walls, furniture, etc. Fix anything that needs fixing. We now have a much more organized and cool looking place than before.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. My next blog will cover a few more tips on home organization.

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