Mamta Motiyani

We’re Mamta and Raju, the designers & life force behind this colorful shop. We have over 25 years of selling experience in craft related family businesses. We started selling on several market places from 2009. With more than 2000 pattern & fabric sales all across the world, the journey has finally led us to this website that we call our creative home.

About Mamta:
Mamta is a creative person dabbling in a variety of crafts: crochet, paper crafts, sewing, jewelry making, just to name a few! While she does all these crafts, her expertise lies in crochet pattern designing. Her designs has been published in various crochet magazines like Interweave, Entwine Crochet Magazine, TYC Magazine, etc. In crochet community, she is known as a ‘crochet scientist’ instead of a crochet designer!

Raju Motiyani

About Raju:
Raju deals in the designing & technical aspects of this website, business related areas like finances, fabric sourcing, shipping and managing the blog content.

As a team, it is our goal to make this world a colorful place with our products and services.