Please read the following disclaimer information carefully before you make any purchase from this store. It is drafted in the interest of my valued customers so  that there is no scope of any misunderstanding. If even in a slightest doubt,  you can put your queries to us before you place your order. We make this disclaimer to make your experience a better one

Physical Goods Information

The true colors of the fabric, crochet products or supplies may slightly vary due to different monitor and resolution settings. In spite of taking the best digital photographs, there are certain colors like red, green, blue (RGB) which have a tendency to show a different shade depending upon the source of light. For instance, shades of red like carmine, chestnut, dark red and rosewood look similar. In the same manner, it is very difficult to distinguish shades of blue like azure, dodger blue, true blue and brandies blue especially on a dupioni silk fabric.

However, as mentioned above, to avoid any misunderstanding, we also try to mention the closest color match. We also mention detail product description as far as possible.  The models used in my product pictures are are used to create dramatic effect. In many instances, the pictures are taken in close-up mode and hence, they may appear larger than normal. For the same reason, we always mention the approximate dimensions wherever possible.

We sell only new and unused products in our shop with the exception of vintage items. New fabrics especially block print fabric and saris emit a little amount of chemical odor. It is also an indication that these are unused and brand new. This odor goes away gradually or after an initial first hand wash depending upon the fabric type. Similarly, handmade products such as khadi, bagh print, kalamkari, paper mache products, etc may show occasional uneven print or color mismatch as the case may be. It is because all such artistic things are not machine made and certainly not a defect. Hence, some amount of unevenness is expected.

Vintage Jewelry & Supplies

All the vintage items in my store are personally and individually cleansed by me. I believe that these vintage stuff carry the energy of its owner(s) which might be good or bad. I charge them with Reiki to clear any negative energy and recharge it with positive universal energy. Later, I keep them in moonlight/sunlight on appropriate lunar/solar phases as per astrology for further cleansing. I also try not to physically clean or wash these vintage items. I am aware that vintage collectors like you prefer to have these items in its original condition.

Digital Products Information

All crochet, knitting and sewing patterns and other digital products like recipes, stock photo, etc on this website (Designs By Mamta) are original and created by © Mamta Motiyani. Digital products like patterns and notations can be downloaded instantly after your payment is cleared. Please note that you do NOT buy ACTUAL physical products. By the very nature of these digital products, it will NOT be refunded or cancelled once it is purchased from our store. You may sell finished items made using this pattern. However, mass production using these patterns are not permitted. In this case, I consider mass production for the quantity above 25 pieces.

Reproduction of these crochet patterns in any manner, including electronic reproduction is STRICTLY NOT permitted. This means that printing multiple copies, electronic copying, scanning, posting to the internet or otherwise distributing in any form is prohibited. You are NOT allowed to sell any of the pattern/s that you buy from this store. Using my copyrighted/ non-copyrighted pictures, notations/ pattern (partly or wholly) in any form is not permitted. Any violation of the above terms may result in legal action and/or reporting the matter to appropriate internet authorities.

I have no objection when you wish to write a blog about my products. Should you feel inspired to promote my patterns, then you may, however put a back link to my shop in your listing description. Appropriate credit to the original creator should be given along with my shop name/ website. A good example would be:

“This pattern is designed by Mamta Motiyani. website: www.MamtaMotiyani.com”

“Gift Cards by Mamta”

Please read the Terms and Conditions of “Gift Cards by Mamta” in the tab next to the product description.

Kindly also go through our shipping and refunds policy for your reference.

By purchasing our products- physical or digital, you understand and agree by all the above terms and disclaimer relevant as per your purchase.

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