Inside Out Pen Stand – A Personalised Gift

Today was Ashu Sir’s birthday. Happy Birthday Sir!!! He is one of my dance instructor at Hadippa Dance Academy.

You all know my love for personalized gifts, right? So I came up with a few ideas to make something for him. I finalized on two ideas. But due to Ganesh Visarjan, all the shops that sold the first thing were closed when I went to buy it. So, I decided to go with my second idea. Yup! I bought the materials to make this gift just yesterday, finished making it in 12 hours flat. 😛

During our conversations sometimes, he had mentioned the movie, “Inside Out” a couple of times. So I thought that since he loved the movie so much, why not to make something with the theme of this movie. I wanted to add all the main characters of the movie into what I was going to create.

The hard part was deciding what to make. I came up with a few of the choices: An amigurumi, a pillow or a pen stand. I liked the pen stand idea as he constantly uses it. I thought it would be a nice and funny gift with characters like Joy, Disgust, Sadness, Fear & Anger. Even feelings like disgust, sadness, fear and anger looks cute especially when they are cartoons, right? 🙂

I couldn’t find a pen stand with five sides to paint all these five characters. So I made it from scratch using a hard board, paper and other stuff. This is the first time, I made a project with wood. Yay!!! to learning new skills. I will write a tutorial on how to make a pen stand later on and add it in my shop. So even you can make it on your own if you wish.

I hand painted each character using acrylic colors and some sparkling, shiny colors. I love how the sparkling colors make each character pop and stand apart from each other.

This is how Joy looks with her face up:


I made her upside down just like in the movie poster. This is how the pen stand looks like with Joy side.:


Now meet Anger:


Coming up next is Fear:


The picture won’t be complete without Sadness. So, here she goes:


And last, but not the least, Disgust. I love the way she carries herself. Ooh! such an attitude:


I felt that the bottom  of this stand looked quite empty. So, I also added a Yin-Yang symbol on the bottom. The idea struck me that the core happy memories was golden and the core sad memories was blue. So I added it into the Yin-Yang symbol symbolizing that happiness is incomplete without sadness and vice-versa.

This is how it looks:


The inside of this pentagon shaped pen stand looks pretty basic:



Some more pictures of the stand:





I great enjoyed making this gift for Ashu Sir. I hope it brings smiles and happiness to him and others when they see it. 🙂